Organizing Our Homeschool Classroom

Much thought went into where RD’s class room would be located and how it would look like. Knowing RD’s free-spiritedness, I wanted a place that wasn’t too restricting and where he would feel free. I also wanted a place that was airy and relaxing, and didn’t look like a regular class room.

I finally decided on a small area of the deck which is located next to our bedroom, and is on the second floor. Here are some before pictures and some after ones. There is still much to be done, but this is how things look like so far. Check it out!

The Classroom

We've rarely used this area in the past, so the birds have taken possession of it by alighting on the rafters of the roof (as evidenced by bird poop that's on the floor). We took care of the problem by hanging some old CDs that aren't working anymore on the rafters, and we've taken back the control of our deck!

Our little kitty joins in on the fun!

The Reading and Computer Area

To keep RD’s books and other materials from being exposed to the elements in his deck classroom, we set the Reading or Study Area and Computer right behind the Class Room Area. It is very accessible to his class room and he would have no trouble getting stuff to and from both areas. RD had a lot of fun helping me set these areas up.

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