RD’s Class Schedule

As the average attention span of a child from age 6-8 is 15-20 minutes, homeschool experts advise that the time of one-on-one instruction of homeschooled children of this age should be thus.

RD’s schedule follows the above premise with the option to extend it if he is still interested. This schedule is, therefore, only a guide – a flexible one, if you will. His subjects are arranged across the week following the MWF-TTH pattern. Below is the schedule we follow:


8:30-8:50            Reading

8:55-9:15             Math

9:20-9:40            Filipino

9:45-10:05          Social Studies

10:10-10:30        MAPE: Music, Art and PE (Fridays only)


8:30-9:00            English: Grammar and Writing

9:05-9:20             Penmanship

9:25-9:55             Bible and Character

10:00-10:30       Science

10:35-11:05        Free time for experiments/projects

His activities in the afternoon range from:

  • any unfinished experiments, school work or art projects, etc.
  • piano lessons (every afternoon for 20-30 minutes)
  • cooking
  • field trips or exploring /walking around the farm or grounds
  • an hour of educational games on the computer
  • watching a video (not TV)
  • reading a couple of books

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