RD Learns How to Cook Pancakes

One of the advantages of homeschooling is that your time is flexible, and classes can be interchanged or modified, if need be. Students have more free time to pursue their interests or hobbies. RD loves to cook. In fact, on his graduation from Kindergarten, his “When-I-grow-up-I-want-to-be” line was that he wanted to be a chef.

If you’ve read my previous blog (RD’s Class Schedule), you’ll probably know that he’s usually free in the afternoon – unless we decide to move one or two classes after lunch. Part of what he does in the afternoon is either one of these: cooking, field trips or exploring /walking around the farm or grounds, an hour of educational games on the computer, watching a video (not TV), or reading a couple of books. Because RD loves pancakes, I decided to teach him how to make pancakes from scratch – not the ready-mix ones.

We both enjoyed doing this activity. He’s even offered to make the next batch – although I’ll still be there to cast an eagle’s eye to make sure he’s safe and doing the right thing. Check out our pictures below:

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