RD’s New Classroom

I had earlier blogged and posted pictures about setting up a classroom for RD (Organizing Our Homeschool Classroom) when he first started homeschooling. Unfortunately, proud as we were of our planning prowess, things didn’t work out  the way we had expected. Here’s what happened: true, we did have a nice breeze going, fresh air, and “naturely” surroundings and it was wonderful, but things proved to be too much of a distraction for RD. What, with men working on the lawn, birds twittering overhead, dogs barking, cats meowing, trucks coming and going, and the laundry women chattering down below, it was awfully hard for RD to keep his focus.

We also had to battle it out with the weather; it rained almost every afternoon, and so every thing we had there would get soaked as the wind would drive the rain into the deck!

Obviously, we had to look for another place. We eventually decided on RD’s sister’s room as she was away in college most of the time. We “divided” her room in half so she still would have her own private space when she was home. And RD’s “I like it!” was the final key to this decision. Below are pictures of RD’s new classroom.

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