RD’s Technicolor Desert Animals

RD’s lesson in Science right now (which is his favorite subject, by the way) is about habitats: forest, desert, wetland, and ocean. To extend his understanding of habitats, he is supposed to make a diorama of a habitat of his choice. RD chose to make a desert habitat.

RD said he wanted to make some cactus plants, sand, sky, clouds and some desert animals: spider, lizard, and a couple of snakes.

To do this, we used an old shoe box, colored paper, a pair of scissors, glue and clay. RD had so much fun, cutting, drawing, gluing, and putting his habitat together, although he needed some help with shaping the clay into the animals he wanted to include in his desert habitat. Actually, we both had fun doing this. It was bonding and learning time in one!

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