Rex: RD’s “New Responsibility”

Ever since he was small, RD has always loved animals especially dogs and cats. We’ve always had a bevy of pets in the farm, but he’d always wanted to have a pet that “lives” inside the house. After much cajoling, his dad finally relented that we keep a cat inside the house. Of course, this was not without a condition: this was that RD take part in taking care of the cat.

Fast forward to three (3) months later, RD and Rex are fast friends. He always looks after Rex’s comfort and needs and this has taught him the responsibility of caring for a living thing. He is doing quite well in this, actually, and treats Rex like a family member.

A day ago, we had Rex neutered and RD cried as he watched the pain and “torture” as he called it, that Rex was going through. After sleeping off the anesthetic, it was RD Rex went to for comfort as seen below.

The cat has been RD’s constant companion. The first person he goes to, as soon as the bedroom door opens in the morning, is RD; he snuggles up to RD first.

When RD gets an asthma attack and has to be nebulized, Rex is there right beside him. Below are pictures of RD and Rex through the months since we first got him (Rex.)

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