quote RD Quips

RD is a very precocious little boy. His comments or questions are, at times, profound and at other times, are down-right funny. I usually post his comments or questions on Facebook, but have decided that it would be a good idea to chronicle them here, too! As time goes on, I will be adding his “quips”, I call them, here. I hope you will enjoy them as we have.

Quip #1 – “A Drink or Refreshment?

We were eating at a restaurant one day, and the waiter had forgotten to take our order for our drinks when RD informs me: “Ma, I need refreshment. I’m very thirsty.” My goodness! Refreshment?! LOL!

Quip #2 – “Manny Pacquaio, President?

During our Social Studies class, RD and I were looking at a poster of the Philippine Presidents. He points to Pres. PNoy and says, “I know him. He’s always on tv…” He is silent for awhile as he continues studying the pictures. Then he remarks, “Uh, Ma? Where is Manny Pacquiao? I thought he would be here.”

Quip #3 – “Lupang…Say What?”

RD has always had trouble learning our national language which is called Filipino – because he has been speaking English ever since he learned to talk. This quip of his demonstrates how hard it has been for him to master it. RD was learning about our country’s (the Philippines’) national symbols. As a review, I asked him what the title of our national anthem was.  Our Filipino-challenged little boy, pretty sure he got it right, confidently answered, “Lupang Magiling!” The actual title is “Lupang Hinirang” which means Beloved Country.

Quip #4 – “Horrible Language

In the months before we had decided to homeschool RD, he attended a private school where Filipino (the Philippines’ national language) is part of the curriculum. Having just graduated from Kindergarten two months before, this was his first “meeting” with Filipino. After the first day of school had ended, I picked him up them asked him how school was. Our conversation went like this:

Me: “What did you do in school today?”

RD: “We studied.”

Me: “And…”

RD: “I also did that horrible thing called Filipino that I can’t understand at all!

Quip #5: “Old In Heaven

“Ma, if God let’s me die when I’m old, I’ll ask Him not to let me look old in heaven.” I asked him why, he replied, “I don’t think I’ll like how I look when I’m old.” My goodness! Where does this kid get his ideas!?

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