RD Hurdles 1st Quarter Homeschool Evaluation

As part of his requirement for homeschool, the teacher-parent is required to submit a portfolio of what her/his son/daughter has learned throughout the 1st Quarter. The portfolio is composed of 1) List of Goals, 2) Samples of the child’s work (essays, book reports, creative writings, art, quizzes, etc.), 3) Photos (field trips, art work, projects, recitals, family life, etc.), 4) Memorabilia (ticket stubs, brochures or booklets from field trips or visits to museums or theater plays, etc.), 5) Book List (list of books that the child has read, and 6) Administrative Files (grades, evaluation forms, outputs, etc. In addition, RD is supposed to undergo an evaluation of his schoolwork at TMA (The Master’s Academy) Homeschool. This will be done through a one-on-one meeting between his curriculum adviser and the child or student. This is called the Portfolio and Output Presentation.

Note: Please click any of the files you want to see. They will open in a new window. If not, please leave me a note so I can correct it. Thanks!

RD’s Portfolio: RD Roque – Schoolwork in Pictures – 1st QuarterRD Roque – List of Goals – 1st QuarterRD Roque – Family Activities – 1st QuarterRD Roque – Extra-Curricular Activities – 1st QuarterRD Roque – Book List – 1st Quarter

RD’s Output: Output Worksheets with RD’s Answers

I was initially anxious because this would be his first time to do such an activity. He was also nervous about meeting his curriculum adviser for the first time. I had only communicated with her through SMS or email, so we never really had any idea who she was or if she and RD would click.

I was also worried how he would fare being alone with someone he just met and how his overall performance would be. We actually had no idea what would happen. We only knew that his adviser was supposed to have a copy of his portfolio and outputs with her.

It turns out that this alone time between adviser and student would be an evaluation of what he has been learning throughout the 1st Quarter. Okay, now I was concerned. I couldn’t help thinking, “Had I been thorough in teaching RD what he was supposed to know?” or “Had he listened or retained any of the things he’d been taught?”

Well, my concerns were put to rest as his adviser turned out to be a very nice, accommodating, lovely and godly young lady. RD, shy at first, was okay with being left with her.

Another concern was that RD had been having fever the day before and on the day of the evaluation. To make matters worse, he began complaining of spasmodic stomach ache a couple of hours before the evaluation. I was worried he wouldn’t be able to concentrate during the evaluation. However, this spunky little kids did well. After the evaluation, we were called in to hear the adviser’s review of how things went and to hear her assessment of RD’s performance. His adviser had a lot of praise of him and were we so proud!

We were also given the chance to voice out our concerns and I had only one and that was, how to teach RD Filipino because he spoke nary a word of Filipino. Our adviser graciously gave us tips on how to do it and what books to buy. We promptly did that right after leaving the TMA office! To end our time together, our adviser sent us on our way with a prayer. What a wonderful way to end a fruitful day!

Altogether, the evaluation and output presentation was a rewarding and learning experience. It gave us an appreciation of what homeschooling is and how beneficial it actually is to our children.

On a final take, during our time at the TMA office, we were able to observe homeschool kids who were coming and going for various reasons. I was struck at how mature and confident they were in the carriage, and how I am also seeing this developing in my son. Boy, am I glad I decided to homeschool RD.

As a reward, we took RD to Toy Kingdom and then to the Manila Ocean Park to celebrate!

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  1. So glad all turned out great for you and RD! Homeschooling is wonderful, isn’t it? We are not required to keep a portfolio, but many folks choose to do so because it is a super way to remember everything learned during the year, plus, the child has something they can look back on in later years, grandparents can see what they learned, a memories are saved.

    The aquarium trip seems to have been a hit!

    Jackie–A Mom who takes the easy way out when it comes to homeschool portfolios!
    My Attempt at Blogging

    • Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for your comment. Unlike you, I did love making RD’s portfolio. But that was only because it was like putting a scrapbook together hahaha! I was even surprised that his adviser asked if she could keep RD’s portfolio to show as a sample to other new homeschool parents.

      I agree with you – that homeschooling is wonderful. I love every moment I am spending with my son. It’s funny that our 3 older kids (ages 19, 18 and 16) have seen the benefits and commented that if we had known about homeschooling earlier, they would’ve preferred to be homeschooled, too! 🙂

      RD totally loved the trip of the aquarium, especially the foot spa – which reminds me… I need to post the video I took of him at the foot spa. Watch for it! It was a worthwhile experience. 😀

      The best to you,

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