Lesson on Weather: Measuring Temperature

The temperature at the farm usually ranges from 21-25 degrees Celsius – and sometimes goes down to 16 degrees Celsius in the “-ber” months. But during the time RD and I were discussing about temperature and the weather, temperatures were unusually high – measuring from 28-29 degrees Celsius every day. He recorded only one dip in temperature and that was 24 degrees Celsius. The night before it had rained until morning.

We later learned that it was around this time that we were warned about the solar flare phenomenon on the news. I had to go look in the internet and explain to RD what a solar flare was.

When we are homeschooling, we can be flexible as to what to add and what not to include in our lessons. Sometimes, we have lessons planned, but occurrences (like the solar flare) warrants an addition to the lesson that needs to be explained to the child/student. This is one of the reasons why I like homeschooling. We can “fly by the seat of our pants”, so to speak…

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