RD Goes Camping!

My family and I are Christians and belong to an evangelical group called CCF (Christ’s Commission Fellowship). Our church’s program for the youth is called JZone (short for Jesus Zone).

Every summer, JZone holds a summer camp for its youth where teens from all outreaches of CCF in Mindanao come together to play, learn more about God, meet new friends, and pray.

Since the inception of summer camp 3 years ago, we have chaperoned campers coming from CCF Malaybalay, with the addition of 2 new outreaches, CCF Valencia, and JZone-CMU (Central Mindanao University) this year.

This is a yearly activity that RD eagerly awaits because he loves camping and also because he can play with Faythie Cansancio (a fellow TMA-er) whose parents head the JZone ministry in CCF-CDO (Cagayan De Oro). This year, kids numbered to 220 compared to last year’s 170.

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  1. Wow, Dawn, I had no idea you were a blogger. I’m gonna subscribe, because not only do I rejoice that I discovered the blog of a fellow believer…it’s a fellow CCFer to boot! Keep up the great work.

    • I try, Carlo haha. This blog is mainly about my homeschool experiences with RD, but because of our work with CCF, we sometimes combine RD’s school experiences with it. In fact, while we were at camp, we had class when the campers were having sessions! 🙂 I am also a regular follower of your blog. I am also maintaining (well, trying to, is the better word) a blog called http://www.bukidnonoutdoors.com. God bless!

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