Here’s Why I Love Homeschool!

One advantage to homeschooling is that classes are portable! It’s been unusually hot the past few weeks that we moved our school room to the terrace. RD also contracted chicken pox a few days before so the heat was making the itch worse. What better way to relieve both heat and itch by holding classes in an open area. What with fresh air and a cool breeze, RD was ready to start school again after a hiatus of 3 days.

Temperatures where we are, are cooler than most parts in Bukidnon. However, we’ve been experiencing high temps ranging from 27 to 29°C which is pretty unusual for our normally 21 to 25 degree weather. It was getting stuffy in RD’s school room, so off we went to the terrace. What a relief it was!

It’s been Day 4 since RD’s chicken pox started, and he’s on his way to recovery. To relieve his itching, he’s had cool baths and the good ol’ take-your-shirt-off remedy and it suited him just fine. So, we had lessons where my student had his shirt off – that wouldn’t have been allowed in a regular school! He has chicken pox but he’s still in school – that wouldn’t have been allowed in a regular school. Plus, he had company: our schweenie, Coca – that wouldn’t have been allowed in a regular school either! To top it all off, his teacher was as comfortable as could be in her house clothes! How I love homeschooling!

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