RD Goes to Monster Kitchen!

Those of you who have been following RD’s homeschool blog, already know that RD loves to cook and because of this, we often do activities that will encourage him to develop this love for cooking. We’ve tried to ascertain whether he likes cooking food or baking and he always insists that he loves doing both.

Last week, one of RD’s cousins attended a 5-day cooking class at Monster Kitchen in Cagayan De Oro City. When RD learned of this, he also expressed the desire to attend one. Monster Kitchen is a well-known supplier of baking supplies, but the owners have since expanded their business into a baking school as well. During the summer months (which is April to May in the Philippines), they offer short-term classes for kids and adults alike.

And so, we trooped to Cagayan De Oro so RD could attend the JUNIOR MASTERCHEF WORKSHOP: The Dessert Edition class. As we entered the classroom, we thought RD would need us to stay a little longer as this was a new place and he would be surrounded by people he didn’t know, so we dawdled in the hallway a bit, peeking now and then through the window that faced the classroom. Well, we were in for a surprise! When RD saw us, he mouthed, “Go away!” and began making shooing motions with his hand. Properly chastised, us grown-ups reluctantly left. It was our first realization that our little boy has now grown up. 🙂

After 4 hours, we went to pick him up, and this was his take on his first day: “It was awesome, Ma! When I’m already a chef, I’ll ask Kuya to make a tv-video of me cooking!” Then he proudly showed us the goodies he’d made, which we promptly ate with gusto! Yum, yum! Check out his pictures!

JUNIOR MASTERCHEF WORKSHOP: The Dessert Edition: Day 1– Cookies and Bars, Day 2– Pies and Muffins Day 3: Cakes and Icings Day 4: Refrigerated Desserts Day 5: Pizza and Doughnuts. They learned more than 20 recipes in this class. Class fee is Php 3,800 all inclusive of apron, toque, ingredients and manual. Ages 5-18.




  1. Thanks for putting my blog post link here in your wonderful blog.

    I am sure RD will learn a lot on this 5-day cooking class at MK.

    Hoping to read more about his cooking journey.

    Rob aka Himantayon

  2. I love your blog about Monster Kitchen. Im soo thrilled to know that ur little boy is a masterchef in the making! Thanks for trusting us.- Chef Jesuit, Program Director of Monster Kitchen..

    • Thank you din po for making activities such as these available for our kids. We are on the look-out for more classes for him to join to further his interest in cooking. He has been cooking a lot more with his siblings at home after he joined that class. 🙂

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