Art Activities: Bubble Painting


What you need: 1) paper, 2) water, 3) ink or poster paints (any water based paints designed for children to use), 4) dishwashing liquid or hand soap, 5) popsicle sticks, 6) Straws, 7) wide-mouthed mugs/bowls

What to do:

1. Squeeze some ink or paint into a mug/bowl with about 1/2inch of water in it, add a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Stir the paint, washing-up liquid and water together with a popsicle stick.

2. Put the straw into the mug/bowl and blow to make lots of bubbles so they overfill the mug/bowl.

3. Gently place the paper on top of the bubbles and take if off to reveal the bubble impressions. You can do this several times to make your picture and even do it with different colours.

Note: The colors of the bubbles will never be as vivid as the paint colors.

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