RD Returns A Favor – A Big One

In the Philippines, it is common for families to have at least one nanny to care for the kids. We call them “yaya”. These are the people to whom we entrust our children. They are such a fixture around the house that we sometimes take them for granted.

When RD was was still a baby, I was working as an English teacher at the University 30 minutes from where we live. So we hired the services of a nanny and RD was watched and cared for by his Manang Wawan from the age of 6 months until the age of 6, when his yaya married then had a baby. We witnessed how she faithfully and lovingly cared for him with nary a complaint. This blog is a testament to  her and our appreciation for her part in raising RD with us. 

To RD’s delight, his Manang Wawan has just recently come back to work at the house with her 10-month old daughter in tow. So, while Manang Wawan is doing the house chores, RD watches and plays with Shin-shin (Wawan’s daughter’s nickname).

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