Reflections and Snapshots

I have to  be honest and say from the get-go that homeschooling is not all fun and games. It is serious hard work for both the parent-teacher and the child as well. Although it seems like homeschooling has been a breezy trip from the blogs I have posted, I have not mentioned the hours of study and research I go through picking through the maze of stuff on the internet to supplement the lessons in RD’s books, not to mention the times when RD and I don’t seem to be connecting. When this happens, we take a breather and I allow him to relax and fill his mind with something other than schoolwork. For the most part, however, it’s been a really enjoyable ride – something I will never regret doing.

Here are some photos I’ve taken of RD doing various schoolwork-related things. Fortunately, he is pretty tolerant of my “need” to document almost everything he does.  🙂

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