Off To Dahilayan!

Dahilayan is an Adventure Park here in Bukidnon that caters to adventurers and nature lovers. The park has various amenities for its guests such as lodging, food, wonderful weather and rides that are mostly not for the faint-hearted. We have been to Dahilayan a number of times for family and dgroup gatherings and have always enjoyed the particularly famous 840m zipline ride.

That’s RD’s dad and older brother, Amiel.

Recently, we went back to Dahilayan to attend a yearly gathering of church leaders in our church, CCF. This year’s attendees included  COS (Council of Servants) members from newly opened outreaches in Mindanao: Iligan, Sangkanan, Manolo Fortich and Valencia. “Old-time” outreaches included Cagayan De Oro and Malaybalay.  The COS Conference is a gathering of church lay-leaders and pastors where equipping, brainstorming, and spiritual feeding occurs. These are usually times of inspiration and recharging for those of us who help with church work.

COS Conference Participants

Because RD is homeschooled, he tagged along with us. We were pretty sure RD would be the only child there as all the kids enrolled in regular educational system had gone back to school by this time. However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that a good friend of his, someone he hadn’t seen in awhile (also homeschooled), was also there! So this trip became an invigorating event for both parents and children.

RD took advantage of the three days we had there by going around and trying out the rides that were newly opened, one of which was the Luge. Below are pictures of that expedition. Also included photos from the Dahilayan Forest Park where we were billeted and where RD and his friend Lyann spent hours and hours running around the playground.

I guess you could say this is also a promotion for those who haven’t been to Dahilayan yet.  🙂   Come, and take the ride of your life! You’ll never regret it!

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