Painting: Applications in Mixing Colors

In the first grading of RD’s sashay into Grade 1, he learned that mixing certain colors turned into other colors, e.g., yellow + blue = green, white + red = pink and so on. One day, RD said he wanted to paint. The colors he had on-hand were blue, red, yellow, orange, green and purple. 

So he starts painting, suddenly, he hits a “dead end.” He wants to make a tree but he doesn’t have brown paint! He turns to me and exclaims, “Ma! I don’t have brown!” So I ask him if he remembers our lesson in mixing colors. I then ask him to look at the colors he has and try to figure out what colors, if mixed together, would turn into brown. He thinks for a while and here’s what he did:

Do you know what colors he’s mixing here?

 I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was able to figure out what colors could be made into brown. It was satisfying for me as a parent-teacher to know that he had not forgotten what he had learn three gradings ago. What a joy to witness him applying the things he has learned… nice shade of brown, too!  🙂

And here’s the best part! He painted it for me and his dad!

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