4th Quarter Output: Lapbook on Spiders

As the 4th Quarter draws to a close, it is time to make another output for RD’s evaluation for this final period in the 1st Grade. I have been racking my brains as to what to make and how to make it fun for the both of us. An output is a collection or body of work done by a child that showcases things he has learned for a particular quarter. It covers the understanding, applying, analysis, evaluating, and creating thinking skills of Bloom”s Taxonomy. The other thinking skill, which is remembering, is covered by the child’s quizzes and tests.

TMA has given homeschool parents the option to make one of the following: 1)  one output per subject (so for RD, that’s six separate outputs) or, 2)  make one output across all subjects. For the past three quarters, I have been making the former, and found it to be a tedious exercise – with one output reaching 16 pages!  After much thinking and consideration, I decided to make just one output – a lapbook, capitalizing on RD’s interest on spiders. This, I found, was a really fun thing to do!  🙂

These are the two books from which I got the information I needed in the lapbook.

Here are pictures of the various activities included in the lapbook.

I still need to finish Filipino and do the activity in Bible, but I’m just about done. For Bible, I’m going to use Proverbs 30:24-28 and relate it to spiders and how they don’t stop working until their web is perfect. I’ll connect it to hard work, which requires skill and practice to perfect, yet, when it is accomplished, much good is done for the Lord.

Here are the activities according to Bloom’s Taxonomy:

1) Understanding – Reading,

2) Applying – Mathematics (Multiplication & Division),

3) Analyzing – Vocabulary,

4) Evaluating – Social Studies and Filipino,

5) Creating – Science (Kinds of Webs)

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