Implementing House Rules: Playing Video Games and Watching TV

We have been conducting Parenting Seminars for awhile now, and we know that one of the factors in raising up well-behaved and obedient kids is having to lay down some ground rules. However, these rules have to be few and simple for them to follow. 

Because RD is homeschooled, he is more prone to easily give in to the temptation of playing video games or watching tv because all these are just within reach, unlike those of his peers who are seated in a room with only chairs, tables and a blackboard in front of them. So, together, we made up some rules that would be agreeable to both of us as student and parent-teacher.

Here is what we agreed upon: RD is not allowed to play video games or to watch cartoons on school days. (As an aside, his older brothers and sister also had to follow this rule when they were growing up.) However, he is allowed to watch programs on the History, National Geographic, Discovery, and Animal Planet (his favorite!) channels. But there is also a limit to the number of programs he can watch. If a certain show falls on a time when he has a class, we move his class to a later time.

On weekends, RD can play video games or watch cartoons, but only after he has read three (3) books. Reading three books will equal to 1 hour of playing or watching, so if he wants to play longer, he has to read more books.

Implementing House Rules. RD knows he has to read a book before he can play video games. His cousins want to play with him, so they have to read too. 🙂

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