RD Goes To a School Science Fair

RD has never been to a Science Fair, and when his older brother, who is a student at the Bukidnon Faith Christian School, informed me they had a Science Fair this week, we all trooped 48.9 km to Valencia so RD will have an idea what a Science Fair looks like.  As a homeschool parent, I am always on the look-out for events, exhibits and such that are happening around Bukidnon. These are things he can learn from outside of our usual curriculum.

There, RD saw dioramas of different habitats which was an exhibit done by the elementary grades. The high school students presented different exhibits such as a mini-zoo, plant exhibits, chemical reactions, electricity, and the most awaited darkroom exhibit. We spent a good four (4) hours going around the displays and booths as RD became fascinated with some of the exhibits and wanted to try them out repeatedly. Asked about his take on the Science Fair as a whole, his comment was, “It was fun!.” His favorites were the darkroom, the buzzer, the mini-zoo, and the mini-catapult.

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