Field Trips!

RD’s homeschool field trips are, for the most part, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants activities than planned or arranged outings. We plan field trips after we discuss or go over lessons that need more hands-on, exploratory and experiential reinforcement. However, because we travel a lot, and RD usually goes with us, “What’s that?” is cause for us to stop by the road, or go inside a shop, or peek into a crowd to examine and explore. Field trips provide learning experiences for our children and add opportunities for enhancing their knowledge of their environment or the larger world and may range from practical to life revelations.

For homeschooling, watching a sports game, a trip to the grocery store, visiting a hospital, watching a play/musical, a day at the farm, visiting a museum, participating in feeding activities, going to other places, attending a cooking session, going to a nature/adventure park, etcetera, all count as fieldtrips. They also create opportunities for socializing. Below are pictures of RD’s fieldtrip experiences this school year.

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