Of Microscopes and Glass Slides: Learning From Big Sister

10 years ago, my three older kids got a present from one of their aunties for Christmas: a microscope for kids. What was nice about it was that it came with some prepared slides. The kids enjoyed looking at them for hours and hours. When we returned to the Philippines, the kids brought it with them. However, as years passed, some of the slides broke and others got lost, but we still kept the microscope. Fast forward to today… I decided to buy a box of prepared slides on the internet so we could use the microscope again. Good thing we had someone who knew a lot more about microscopes and what to look for in the specimens. 

RD’s big sister is in her Junior year in college and is taking up Medical Technology. She came home for semestral break this month and we thought it would be a good idea for RD to learn some things about the microscope and how things look like up close through his sister. And so we dusted, took apart, probed and cleaned that old microscope and it was still okay! It has provided hours of fun for RD.

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