Art: Finger Dot Painting

What you need:

  • poster paint (in various colors),
  • paper plate (the ones with the glossy finish),
  • piece of paper,
  • pencil

What to do:

1. Dab a little paint on separate parts of the paper plate. Only use colors that you need for your art project.

2012-12-07 10.43.35

2. Get a piece of paper and lightly draw an outline of what you want to paint with a pencil.

2012-12-07 10.31.56

3. Decide which part of your drawing you want to fill up first, then dip one finger into the color you want to use.

2012-12-07 10.37.11

4. Dot that part with the color you want until it is filled up with dots.

2012-12-07 10.43.54

5. Fill-up the other spaces with the colors you need for each part of the drawing then you’re done!

2012-12-07 10.47.38

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