RD Gets a Real Miscroscope!

I had posted a blog about RD’s sister “reviving” a kid’s miscroscope that had belonged her and her brothers when they were still young. Although, we were able to use it, we were well aware that the microscope didn’t really give RD a clear view of the slides we had purchased. So, I went on the internet to look for a better microscope that would really reflect the slides in a more accurate manner. I had initially decided to buy a higher-scale kid’s microscope that cost more or less $100. Then, I decided against it because it was way outside the limit of my budget. I could still use the P4,000 in buying other stuff that we needed more than the microscope.

Then an idea hit me: why not buy a second-hand microscope? In the Philippines, we have a website called www.sulit.com.ph where a lot of second-hand items are sold. Sure enough, there was a microscope in Bulacan for sale at the very affordable price of P1,500! I was overjoyed! Finally, RD would be able to fully appreciate the slides I had bought for him. Three days later, we received the microscope through LBC. Since then, RD has enjoyed looking through the microscope and so have my other (grown) kids!  🙂

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