RD Joins Life School Musical

This year, I was asked by my sister-in-law who is the administrator for the Bukidnon Faith Christian School, Inc., to direct a musical. It was around the months of June or July when I began my search for a musical that would be fun for trainors and students alike to learn. I found www.littlebigstuff.com and chose “Life School Musical” because the production requirements were easy and the music was fun to listen and sing to. A plus to all this, was that the story revolved around the Gospel.

This would be the very first presentation of its kind ever done in the 20-year history of Bukidnon Faith Christian School, Inc. We held auditions for the cast in August, while the teachers chose those who would be part of the dancer team and the choir. All in all, we had 14 cast members, 21 dancers, and 57 choir members. We started practice sessions in September with our goal to perform set on December 19. So for three months, the kids endured practice sessions every day: cast, dancers and choir practiced separately, then we all brought them together when December came around.

RD’s classes were supposed to start in November, but because of the musical practice schedule (which was every day), our classes were disrupted. We were only able to have one or two classes each day, or some days, none at all. Since RD, went with me to practice every day, I decided to make him part of the choir, then make his performance a part of his grade in music. This was RD’s first time singing with a big group, and he loved it!

All told, the musical was a success! We knew the kids were having a really good time practicing: singing, dancing and performing to it, but we never expected it would also be a hit with the parents! In fact, we had parents asking if we could do another one next year! Maybe not, but a musical every other year would be fine. That, I can do.  🙂

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*Note: The following are links to video clips of Life School Musical on YouTube.






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