Experiencing Typhoon Pablo (Bopha)

I am now in my forties. Having been born and raised here in Bukidnon (give and take a few forays in places around the Philippines and in the States), I have never experienced a storm or typhoon happen in this part of the “woods.” We’ve had our share of strong winds and thunderstorms, but never has a storm “set foot” on the mountains of Bukidnon. To hear winds howling, trees crack as they were breaking apart, and to feel the house shaking with the wind was a harrowing experience for RD, but a good learning experience for him as well. At least, this early in his life, he knows how it feels to go through a storm and can identify with the devastation that comes afterwards, rather than just watch it on tv.

Apart from a fallen tree house, we only had a few downed trees, some damage to buildings, but that was all. God kept us safe through 5 hours of strong wind and rain.

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