Christmas Activities

As soon as December comes around, RD is just giddy with excitement. This is when he starts counting  the money in his piggy bank, and the days until Christmas Day. He also knows that this is the time when we go to the store to pick up goodies to stuff into paper bags to give as Christmas giveaways to the kids in our barangay. To count the days, he marks each day off on the calendar. However, this year, he also drew some thing on the days that had so much significance in his life: December 4th – Typhoon Pablo, December 19th – Life School Musical play date, and December 25th – Christmas Day.

As for his piggy bank, he had saved P2,460.00. He bought a robot that can be assembled for P210.00 and still has a lot more in savings. To teach him the value of saving up some money, we plan to go to the bank one of these days and have him deposit the P2,000 into his savings account. For the first time, RD also learned to wrap gifts with the help of his sister.

One of the most enjoyable things our family likes to do for Christmas is our own version of stuffing things into stockings. Rather than use stockings, we use paper bags. We lay out all the goodies and chairs and plan out what item should each of us start and where we should end so there is no duplication of items in the bag. We try to make the contents as varied as possible, and this is part of the enjoyment – choosing what things to put into the bags. These years bags contained candies, gels, lollipops, three kinds of chips, some biscuits, a plastic balloon, polvoron (milk powder) and a small toy. From start to finish, it’s a really fun way to bond with each other!

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