Mysteries of History Timeline

RD is starting a new subject this year, and that is history. We are using Linda Lacour Hobar’s The Mystery of History: From Creation to the Resurrection, Volume 1. I was skeptical about teaching RD history this year as I’ve always found my history classes boring when I was younger.

However, my fears were unfounded as I began to peruse the book. This one was different! Each lesson contained a Pre-test, a  simple explanation of the lesson, and ended with activity options for Younger, Middle School Age and Older Students. The most exciting part for RD was the History Timeline that the student had to do after every three lessons. There is also a quiz at the end of every three lessons – this one, RD’s not so excited about haha! Anyway, this book is so engaging that I am also learning and enjoying teaching it at the same time!

The lessons are so short that I supplement it with maps and pictures that I download off internet. For example, when we went through our lesson about Noah, I downloaded a map of Turkey (where Mt. Ararat is located). I also downloaded different pictures of the ark so RD could see the many interpretations of how artists thought the ark looked like. Another example is our lesson on the Sumerians. I downloaded a map of where Sumer or Ur would have been located, pictures of what their written symbols (cuneiform) looked like, and pictures of their idols.

I was especially glad when RD exclaimed one time that he loved doing history. Studying is so much fun when both of us enjoy what we are doing. It is such a privilege to see how his face lights up with interest when he learns some new information. Something I wouldn’t have seen if he had attended a regular school. I am so blessed to be able to be teaching RD about God’s place in our world’s history through this wonderful and innovative book!

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