Lessons on Politics: Campaigning for Uncle Oneil

It is election season in the Philippines, and everyone’s abuzz as to who they would vote for. RD has been caught up in the election fever, as well. What, with his Uncle Oneil running for Congressman for the 4th District of Bukidnon, and us (his parents) tasked to help with the campaign, he couldn’t help but become curious about it.

RD has never been curious about the government. I take it, I guess, from his young age, and because we have never really felt the need to talk about government or politics. The only thing he knows about government is that the Philippines has a President.

We have been on the campaign trail for a couple of months now, and RD has tagged along with us braving all sorts of weather and late nights as we visited towns, barrios and barangays to campaign for his Uncle Oneil. His curiousity was piqued by all the activity and furor this has created. While at home one day, he asked (finally) about what a congressman does. I took this as an opportunity to explain to him the positions in government in the Philippines and what each position was for, how the people in these positions were supposed to help the people and what happens during an election.

We searched the internet for sites that explained the Philippines’ political hierarchy and government. Hopefully, this will give him a bird’s-eye-view of politics and the government here in the Philippines.  What’s the homeschool bonus here? Another field trip!  🙂

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Resources we used:

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