RD Embarks on A New Bible Curriculum

Choosing a Bible Curriculum is very crucial for us as parent-teachers. We must choose a curriculum that best suits our child’s personality. It must have activities that they would enjoy working on, and most of all, the curriculum should be able to teach our kids how to study the Bible and know about God at the same time. RD’s first Bible curriculum was the Following God Series. I was fine with it at first. However, as we continued with the lessons, I began to feel that RD was getting bored with it as the stories in it were ones he’s already heard in Sunday School. Although there were lessons to be learned in each story, he became increasingly uninterested as the lessons went on. I began to look around for something that would engage RD’s curious nature, his incessant inquiries, and the constant quest to look for answers. The spoon feeding that his current curriculum was giving him was not benefitting him at all.

One day, I was delving into some boxes to look for a document when I came upon one of our older files from our Bible studies with Pastor Bob Lagman. Pastor Bob was a wonderful Pastor-Teacher who preferred to teach us to study God’s Word using Precept Upon Precept materials. This material emphasized inductive Bible study as a means to learn principles from God’s Word and study it independently. It was then that God impressed upon my heart to look into the possibility of changing RD’s curriculum into an inductive-type study. This way, it would cater to RD’s curiosity and his penchant for looking for answers and discovering things for himself.  I remembered that Precept Upon Precept not only produced study materials for adults, but also for kids! A visit to their website proved that I was right! There were, indeed, publications  of inductive study materials for kids called the Inductive Bible Studies For Kids! Discover 4 Yourself series. What’s more, there were plenty to choose from!

I consulted with RD’s Adviser, she checked it out on the web, and gave me to go signal to change RD’s curriculum to the one I preferred. She also told me to try and see if the series could be sustained until the upper levels. And so, I was thrilled to have a good learning tool for RD on how to study the Bible, as well as a challenge to see if we could do this until when RD reached high school. This decision has proved to be no less than a God-send. RD loves the curriculum so much, and asks if he can do it even if it’s not in his schedule of classes!

I decided to start from the beginning, so I bought Digging Up the Pastwhich covered Genesis 3-11. I would have started with God’s Amazing Creationwhich covered Genesis 1-2, but the outlet in Manila didn’t have it in stock, thus, my decision to start on the 3rd Chapter of Genesis. However, for those who have no idea what inductive study is about, I suggest you use How to Study You Bible For Kids first, so you and your child will learn how to do inductive Bible study.

The emphasis on looking for answers for yourself: reading the Bible, searching for the 5 Ws and H, marking keywords, and looking for the main events in a specific chapter, and the puzzles are going to be a sure-fire way to develop a child’s thinking skills as well as hone his know-how in studying God’s Word independently, and learning what God wants him to know from His Word.

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  1. […] 2. Planning the Curriculum The curriculum I use is usually on a what-works-and-what-doesn’t basis. Ever since we started homeschooling, I have changed books almost every year, especially if I notice that RD isn’t being challenged by the lessons. We used a Bible curriculum before where I noticed that RD would keep yawning whenever we were doing a lesson. He was so bored with it that he asked me one time, “Can we not do this right now?” So around a month into the school year, I was already on the look out for a more challenging, age-appropriate material. Good thing, I found a kid-version of a Bible study series which we’d fallen in love with called Precept Upon Precept. I asked RD’s academic adviser if she approved of the book being used in place of the boring one, and fortunately, she agreed! I was so happy about it that I posted a blog about it – RD Embarks On A New Bible Curriculum. […]

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