Salt Dough Map: The Kingdom of Israel Divided

Maps are an important part of homeschool. It increases the child’s knowledge of geography; from learning where in the world they live, to the placement of each country on the globe or what shape the country’s landform is in. Some map activities are either that of drawing a country’s map, coloring in individual or several countries, or making a 3D map using paper mache or dough.

For world history class, we’ve recently learned about when and why Israel divided into two kingdoms after King Solomon’s reign. One of the activities for this lesson was to make a salt dough map of the two kingdoms, and RD had a blast doing this


1) RD’s dad helps him mix 1 cup flour and 1 cup salt to make the dough. 2) RD kneads the dough to mix on the food coloring thouroughly. 3) Materials are now ready: map of Israel, salt dough and flaglets to label each kingdom. 4, 5 & 6) RD sets to work, molding and pressing. Trying to follow to contours of Israel’s borders. 7) He writes the names “Israel” and “Judah” on the flaglets, then 8) Sets the flaglets on the appropriate side of the map.

Note: We were delighted to see how beautiful the salt dough finish was, after it had dried. It sparkled!

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