The Homeschool Portfolio

As a parent-teacher, I am required to compile a portfolio at the end of each quarter. Some homeschool moms find this a daunting task. Well, it was, the first time I did it, but it has turned out to be an enjoyable task for me in the end. And because putting it together is pretty much like making a scrapbook (and I enjoy scrapbooking), it has become something that I look forward to doing, every time we get to the end of each quarter.  RD also loves helping me put it together because he gets to choose what goes into it. But what is a portfolio exactly? What do you put in it? Why are we supposed to make them? Read on…

The information below was provided to those of us who are connected with TMA (The Master’s Academy Homeschool). It serves as a guide for us to know what a portfolio is about.

What Is A Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of material to showcase your child’s learning. It is tangible evidence of what your child or student has learned and accomplished during the quarter. It can include anything you  think is important and  which showcases your child’s milestones (thus there is no right or wrong way to make a portfolio).

Purpose of a Portfolio

  • It is a tool for self-evaluation and  personal  goal-setting  for both teacher and  learner. It is not just an end but a process that reflects what the child has learned, experienced, and accomplished throughout the quarter.


  • Shows organized  and sequential proof of your child’s learning and  achievements
  • Highlights the positive and would usually include examples of the student’s  “best  work”  over time
  • Presents a rich selection of style and substance


  • Builds memories and strengthens family relationships as members go through learning experiences together                                                                      
  • Affirms your child and builds his self-esteem as he recognizes his learning milestones and participates in the assessment of his own learning
  • Develops a love for, and a lifestyle of learning (which is what homeschool is about!)
  • Inspires and encourages both parent and child as both see improvement and progress, and both become more motivated to learn.           

Content :   Here are some suggestions of what to include in your child’s portfolio.

*Cover page    (Includes your child’s name, age, grade level, and even his  most recent picture.

*List of Goals ( Set quarterly & could be as simple as wanting a child  to improve his  penmanship or  completing a project)

*Samples of child’s works (essays, book reports, creative writing, drawings, etc.

*Photos  (field trips, artworks, projects, recitals,  family life)

*Memorabilia  (ticket stubs, brochures and booklets from field trips (zoo, museum, theater plays, etc)

*List of Books that the child has read including both author and title

*Administrative File (Quarterly Grading forms, quizzes, grading sheet for Music, Art and PE and older kids, HELE forms)

Organization :  Start preparing your portfolio at the beginning of each quarter. Collect samples  of your child’s works weekly. Store them in a box or envelope  AS YOUR CHILD CHILD COMPLETES THEM. As the quarter is about to end, sit down with your child to a delightful time of choosing what goes into his portfolio.

Presentation:   Look forward to the  Portfolio Review with a  teachable  heart. Of course, you should  never think of the review as a time for you to be judged or ridiculed.  It is a time for you to listen, learn, share your concerns, and get support from your Reviewer!

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