Homeschool Portfolios: The Possibilities Are Endless!

There is no one way to make a homeschool portfolio. It all just depends on your creativity and imagination! Some, however, may choose to make a kind of formal, straight-forward file of their child’s work, and that’s acceptable, too! Here in the Phlippines, we are allowed to make the portfolios in any way we please. As for me, there are two types I usually make; the binder type and the digital portfolio.

1. The Binder Type – this is the type of portfolio we bring with us when we have the chance to have a face-to-face review. All our records, RD’s art work, quizzes, pictures, memorabilia and other cool stuff are contained in the binder. There are three binder-type portfolios I usually make: 1) scrapbook type, 2) lapbook type, and 3) clear folder type.

Scrapbook – Like all regular scrapbooks, this type of portfolio is embellished or decorated with fun and colored labels, cut-outs, decorative stickers or borders. Pictures may be framed or arranged in different ways on the page.

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Lapbook – Except for the official administrative forms which I put in a seperate file, I arrange everything else in the portfolio like a lapbook! It’s so much fun to make, and the reviewer also enjoys it!

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Clear Folder – Unlike the scrapbook and lapbook types, the clear folder type is kind of a formal presentation. I usually use the clear folder when I am pressed for time.

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2. Digital Type – For those times when we cannot schedule a trip to Manila for a portfolio review, we are given the option to do the review via Skype or Yahoo. The portfolio’s we make requires some knowledge in editing on a computer. For this, I usually use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publishing to put together a chronicle of pictures and activities he did during the quarter.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this; now I have a better idea on what to put in our portfolio. It’s our first time to homeschool and we’re scheduled this month to have our first portfolio review. 🙂

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