Kittens in the House!

In January of last year, I posted a blog called “We Have a New Family Member!” when we got a kitten that we had longed for for quite some time. Well, that kitty has grown to a big, healthy and handsome boy. We loved this big and gentle breed so much that we decided to get another one – a girl this time. So, in December of this year, we welcomed another ragdoll kitten into our home and named her Darla.


To make the long story short, Darla became pregnant with Rocky’s babies this year, and we had 5 cute little kittens who have now settled into their new homes, with families who love them as much as we do.

It was quite an adventure for RD, witnessing the kittens born and helping to take care of them as they grew from little teeny babies into the cute and fluffy furballs they are today. As they were growing, we made sure to let him know that they were to be sold and given to other loving homes such as ours. RD shed a few tears now and then at the idea of having to let the kittens grow but told us that although he was sad about the prospect of them leaving, he was also glad that they were going to families that wanted them and would love them as their own children. What a learning experience this has been for him.

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