Art: Making A Dinosaur Using A Paper Plate

One of RD’s favorite creatures to study about are dinosaurs. He is fascinated with anything dinosuar-related. For one of his art projects, I found a book called “Around The World: Art & Activities – Visiting the 7 Continents Through Craft Fun” students can learn about people and places through crafts. One of his favorite activities was making this dinosaur from a single paper plate. It’s something he’s proud of until now.

Before RD was born, we lived in Chicago for awhile and had a chance to visit the Field Museum there. We used a picture that was taken from our visit at the museam to recreate “Sue” the tyrannosaurus rex.


Here’s how to make Sue from a paper plate.

Materials: scissors, paper plate (you may also use a styrofoam plate), black construction paper, glue


1. Cut away the rim of the plate. Cut around the plate in a continuous spiral strip going towards the middle of the plate, but leaving enough space for a dino skull.

2. Cut out dino bones from the spiral strip. Cut out the dino skull from the center of the plate.

3. Arrange the dino “bones” as you would like it to look, and glue them onto the black paper.

And voila! You have a dinosaur!


For more information about Sue, visit the following websites:

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