New Adventures in Just About Anything!

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that our time is flexible. We can move our class schedules around, and can give way to the things we want him to experience like beneficial tv programs or shows, activities that are happening in and around the area we live in, and chances to go on spontaneous field trips. Below are pictures of the activities RD has done and been to that have proved as learning experiences for him outside the classroom.

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Getting tutored in chess and competing in his first chess tournament. He didn’t win but got a few draws.


Grilling up some barbecue.


Helping mom slice up a bitter melon and cook an omelette with it. He didn’t eat it, though.  🙂


Taking a short break from schoolwork and going swimming at the nearby resort just 5 minutes away from where we live!


Visiting the local bee farm.


Going kite flying with dad.


RD’s Back-To-The-Past Moment: We don’t believe in giving a young kid a cellphone because, for us, the cons far outweigh the pros. He borrows our phones or tabs whenever he wants to play, but we’ve never decided to buy him the smart phones we use now. Recently however, RD has been spending quite a lot of time away from us with friends and cousins, and we needed a way to contact him directly. So we gave him this old phone that had been his brother’s some years ago. As I was teaching him how to use the keypad, he exclaims, “This is so cool, Ma!” LOL! Makes me wonder if he’ll be as fascinated with the cassette tape as he is with the old phone…

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