Our Budding Chef


RD’s most favorite activity is cooking or baking. To reinforce his love for this, we either cook or bake or watch “Master Chef“, “Best New Restaurant” or other cooking shows on tv.

Here are some tips for us parents to develop our child’s interest in cooking:

  1. Cook at home. Treat every moment, whether slicing up some vegetables or gathering up some ingredients for baking, as a teaching moment. Make sure your child is watching and helps you with the activity.

    11045009_10154120641872588_8669232588054296537_n (1)
    Baking brownies! Yum!
  2. Go grocery shopping with your child. Familiarity with a grocery store will enable your child to recognize and choose the best brands for cooking, and at same time serve as an awareness of the value of food. Also, allow him to bring a calculator and add up the prices of the items you are buying. This is a field trip and math lesson in one!

    Grocery shopping with older siblings.
  3. Watch cooking shows. The beauty about having cable tv is that we have an opportunity to watch war documentaries (which RD absolutely loves!) and cooking shows (his second best show to watch). Sometimes, if classes coincide with a show, we move the class to another time.

    Our kitty also wants to learn to cook! :-)
    Our kitty also wants to learn to cook! 🙂
  4. Allow him to attend cooking classes. Look for cooking classes that are going on in your area, and sign your child up for one.

    RD’s graduation from Monster Kitchen’s Dessert-making class.



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