Art: Drawing With Oil Pastels

RD loves art. He especially loves to color and paint. He has graduated from crayons to water color, colored pencils and other kinds of paint but has never used oil pastels.

In introducing oil pastels as a medium for drawing or coloring, I asked him to draw or color what was in his heart today. As he proceeded to draw and color, I asked him what he was going to draw and why. He explained that he wanted to draw an elephant with different colors that would allow it to disappear into the background.

Ask why he wanted to do this, he said he was watching this re-run on Animal Planet about elephants being killed by poachers. He felt such compassion for the helpless animal that he decided to do a piece about it. His wish was that the elephant would just be able to camouflage himself into his surroundings so that poachers wouldn’t be able to see him. This is his tribute to these gentle giants that are being killed by poachers for their tusks.



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