Basil: Our New Ragdoll Cat!

Many of you who follow our blogs already know that we love cats, and we were, at some time in the past, breeders of Ragdoll Cats. A year ago, we decided to stop breeding our cats and had them spayed and neutered, respectively. By then, we had been breeding our Ragdolls for three years, and had produced three litters during that time. When we stopped, we had three cats with us; Rocky (the Sire), Darla (the Dam) and Tiny, who was their son from the second litter.

Around a few months after we had stopped breeding our cats, we got a message from one of our co-Ragdoll Cat breeders, who asked if we wanted to own one of his kittens. We immediately told him we would, and so, Basil rounded up our Ragdoll brood to four! basil-1

We picked him up from the airport, and right then and there, we could tell he would fit in with us.He was never scared of us but purred right away and began rubbing his cheeks on us. Sufficed to say, we’d been owned! 13895371_10155527533677588_6324322682947496465_n

It didn’t take long for Basil to adjust to us, his new home, and his Raggie brothers and sister. From the moment we saw him, we were in love! Now, Basil is already grown and has overtaken our other three in weight and size. From a 2-kilo, 3 1/2 month old kitten, he is now a 6.4 kilo, 11-month old gentle giant.

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