May 2016 Elections

RD’s dad has been a public servant for six years; first, as a Kagawad (councilor), then as a Punong Barangay (Head of a Village or District.) This year, months before the 2016 Elections, he was invited to run as councilor for our town, and he accepted the challenge. During the election campaign season which lasted for about a month, RD and I tagged along, traveling through mountains, treacherous roads, and sleeping in small villages, visiting our town’s 13 barangays and telling people of his intent to be of service of them.

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During those trips, RD was able to know a little about leadership in the Philippines. He learned what a Mayor is, what people in government do, and what his dad’s job will be like in the event he wins. He learned that being a public servant was not about position, but about service and trying to help the people in the municipality.

As our place is located in a part of Bukidnon that has really cool temperatures at night, we endured really cold nights during the times the group his dad belonged to, held their rallies. We learned to sleep in whatever place was available, and eat wherever we could, and whatever was there.

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Our hard work eventually paid off when RD’s dad and some of his group-mates won the election. It was quite an experience for us, especially for RD. I guess the better word for it would be “adventure.”

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