Meeting Duterte

“Isn’t he too old to be President?” This was RD’s only comment after we met Rodrigo Duterte, the man who would become the Philippines’ 16th President. Duterte came to Bukidnon as part of his itinerary during the Presidential campaign. Many people came to meet him when his helicopter landed at the Mt. Moriah Football Field, a place that’s a few minutes outside the City of Malaybalay in the Province of Bukidnon. Many more lined the streets as his motorcade made it’s way toward the Capitol Grounds located within the city. It is where he spoke to a huge crown who waited for hours just to see him and hear him speak.

That is RD with the gray shirt, with his back turned to the camera.

Duterte eventually won the Presidential Elections, and despite the noise from the media, things are actually getting better for us. We are seeing a lot of developments and improvements in the areas of government services and the agricultural sectors. With regard to crime and drugs, we now feel safer in the streets and crime has gone down considerably. We count it a blessing to be able to have a President like him who cares for the common people and is doing something to alleviate their suffering, and it’s something that hasn’t happened in the past administrations.

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