Hatid Serbisyo

In English, “hatid serbisyo” can be translated as “bringing of services.” Our municipality is located in a mountainous area, composed of 13 villages (“barangays” in the local dialect), within an area measuring 1,051 km². Roads to some barangays are treacherous, and people in these areas cannot readily come to the plains and avail of essential services like medicines, doctors, legal advice, and such. To make things easier for them, the municipality brings these services to them once a year.

During a Hatid Serbisyo operation, the Local Government Unit (LGU) brings people who are experts or have know-how in different fields that the villagers can avail of. These services are: dental, physical check-ups, circumcisions, legal advice, advice regarding problems with birth and marriage certificates, advice about marital or child abuse, feeding for the children, distribution of goods, masseurs, hair cuts, manicure and pedicure, etc. All for free!

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RD has been able to go along on some of these activities with his dad, our municipality’s LGU and the Mayor, and he has seen how hard life is in the mountains. By this, we hope he has learned a lot about how people live and what their situations are in the mountains. We hope that he will see how blessed we – those of us living in the plains – are. It is by these trips we hope that he will have a more compassionate and sympathetic heart for people who are less fortunate than us.

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