Visit to the Boondocks (Bundaan)

We took a 2-hour gut-wrenching, kidney-crunching trip to Bundaan in Barangay Dumalaguing, which is part of of Impasug-ong, Bukidnon . Really steep roads (sometimes with huge rocks in the middle) and narrow cliff-lined traversings gave way to very beautiful mountain views, rice terraces and a cool mountain spring pool with waters so clean, you can drink from it! Just awesome! So thankful we have a car that can take all that beating.

We went with the Vice Mayor of our town to bring food to the people in this barrio. It is situated so far from the highway, and nestled among the mountains, that basic services have not yet arrived there.

RD was surprised to hear that the people here had no electricity. The children there had also never seen a four-wheel vehicle, let alone ride one! They were pretty excited when they were allowed to ride it for a short while. All the kids were given a chance to ride the jeep, and it was exciting to see their reactions.

We also brought with us some ice cream, and we were also surprised to know that a lot of them didn’t know what ice cream was or what it tasted like. One child didn’t want to eat it because he wanted to bring it home, even if it had already started to melt and drip down the sides of the cone. Another had to be persuaded to eat it, someone had to tell her it was good and that it tasted sweet. Such stories are what we saw and witnessed at this little but beautiful place called Bundaan. We hope that, in the near future, electricity will be able to come to this place.

After lunch, some of us, including RD, took a dip in a river whose water felt like it had ice in it! We also saw the rice terraces that people built to plant their rice crops in. Despite the difficult and, sometimes, treacherous road going there, we had a good time. It is nice to go on an adventure once-in-awhile. Here are some pictures of our visit there.

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