HELE: Nutrition and the Food Pyramid

In my household, I have always emphasized the need to eat healthy. My kids know that, although I eat meat sometimes, I’d rather that we have vegetables and fish every meal time. When we eat out and everyone has already ordered, someone will say, “Mama’s grass,” to suggest that there has to be a vegetable dish among those they ordered. This week, we started a new lesson on Nutrition. I began this by introducing RD to the food pyramid. 

To make sure that RD has mastered what food should be in each group, I downloaded and printed this worksheet that I found while doing my research. Here are the instructions I gave RD.

Filling-up the Food Pyramid

Cut out the pyramid and all the food items.



Label the correct food group in its correct place in the food pyramid

Glue each food item in the correct food group

This is the result.

A funny things occurred while RD was reading the material prior to doing this sheetwork. The particular subject he was reading was on the importance of calcium, and why we have to cut back on our sugar intake.

Halfway through reading, RD asks, “Ma, did you write this?”

No, I did not. Why?” I answered.

It sounds like you did. You tell us these things all the time, so I thought you wrote it,” RD explained.

I just chuckled. Then he adds, “It’s true, Ma. You’re always trying to force your grass on us.”

Note: If the link above doesn’t work, you can download the worksheet here. Just hit right-click and choose “Save image as…”



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