Lessons on Taking Responsibility and Following Through

Among the top five of RD’s favorites are two things: cats and his succulents and cacti collection. A year ago, collecting these spongy and prickly, but pretty, plants became a fad, and RD was caught up in it, as well. He is protective of his plants, just as he is of our cats! Just recently, he re-potted and replanted some plants that were growing pups and offshoots. 

I’ve never been a plant person, much less a green thumb. However, my mom loves plants and is a wiz at anything relating to them. I’m glad RD’s probably taken after her. Taking care of plants is a very beneficial exercise for children. It teaches them about taking responsibility for something. And because plants will grow, flower and flourish if taken cared of properly, children learn the principle of following-through whatever they’ve started.

We have always tried to teach our kids the importance of taking responsibility for anything you have committed to do. This principle applies, not only to taking care of plants or pets, but to their future endeavors as adults also. Knowing these things will eventually carry on to other areas that involve school, work or even family life.

Inspecting his pitcher plant

You may ask, “What if my kids don’t like to plant?” You can always let them do sother things that interest them like:
1. Doing woodwork and finishing it,
2. Fixing a broken toy,
3. Starting a project that will benefit the community and following through on it,
4. Getting a pet (a dog or a fish) and have him/her take care of feeding and cleaning up after the pet,
5. Assign chores each day or each week for your child to do, and have him/her record on a chart if he has done it or not, and
6. Have your child join an athletic activity and participate in competitions.

These are just a few ideas to help you decide how to encourage your child to learn about responsibility. It is important, though, not to push your children to do things that they don’t want to do. Find something that interests them, a hobby or a something they’re curious about, perhaps, and start from there. Most importantly, be a good model for your child. Show him/her how you also take care of and follow through with your responsibilities, be it inside or outside the home.

Below are a few pictures of RD’s cacti and succulents collection.


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